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Commercial REal Estate Loans

Business Loans: Flexible, fast financing to assist and support the growth of your business.

Often business bank loans work for businesses who have a proven record of profitability and a solid business plan.


Commercial Real Estate Finance is different than Commercial Lending.

Commercial Loans usually include not only commercial real estate loans, but also business loans secured by: business assets such as inventory, accounts payable, equipment as well as other personal property and assets of the owners / borrowers.

Commercial Real Estate loans are just a type of Commercial Finance.

Like the name suggests, commercial real estate loans are basically secured, depending on the nature of the business by: a rental property; such as an apartment building, office building, or shopping center, if the business is say a real estate investment business; or by an office building of the business like a doctor, accountant, law firm, etc., or some sort of business-related property, such as a bakery, hotel, pet store, factory, warehouse, mechanic shop.

A "Commercial Loan" normally includes commercial real estate and business assets secured by personal property; like an auto repair business loan would secure its inventory of parts: tires, batteries, mufflers and so on as well as possible bills that were due (account receivable), the building, if owned by the owner, and probably personal assets. There could be short term loans to buy new inventory or expand business operations.

Haddon Savings Bank, while offering these varied "Commercial Loans" through SBA also offers "Commercial Real Estate Loans" which often can be used for many if not all the same reasons or needs with - more Flexibility - less complications AND Advantageous Terms and Conditions.

Large Commercial Banks and lenders that specialize in Commercial lending generally make large loans. Haddon Savings Bank's flexible and fast financing options, programs and process provides the Assistance and Support Your Business Needs, offering terrific rates, terms and conditions on commercial real estate loans allowing you to:

Build, Buy, Refinance, Expand, Remodel

Use your equity

  • A new or existing commercial property
  • Finance $250,000 to $1 million (larger amounts considered) - up to 80% of the property value (including fees and closing costs)
  • Up to 20 Year Amortizing Terms
  • Rates Fixed from 5 to 10 Years
  • Your Loan is secured by the owner-occupied real estate

We work to help structure a financing program to meet your needs, guide you through the process and remain available throughout our relationship.