Uninsured Investments

We provide the opportunity for you to maintain the security of working with your trusted financial institution.Haddon Savings Bank offers simplicity, affordability, and the professional management you need to help you reach your investment goals thru Franklin Templeton Investments.

Mutual Funds

Individual investors are who is in the mind when Mutual Funds are designed. Mutual funds normally offer the diversification and professional money management needed or desired by individuals often with affordable minimum investment amounts and costs.

A Mutual Fund is a security that merges money from investors to buy stocks, bonds, or other securities for its portfolio.This results in investors typically owning a portion of a portfolio that includes numerous more stocks and bonds than they could afford to purchase on their own independently.

These investors purchase shares of the particular portfolio in which they are interested.The value of their investment either increase or decrease based on the value of what the investments the fund holds.The fund allocates any income it receives from stock dividends or bond interest to the shareholders, along with any capital gains from the sale of securities.

Deciding Which Mutual Fund I Should Buy

There are numerous variations of mutual funds to help meet the type and variety of investing objective that is comfortable and satisfying to the individual.Prior to you deciding on a fund you should consider:

Goal: Are you investing for a new home, birth of a child, education or retirement?

Length of Time: When do you need the funds you are intending to invest? Is this money for everyday use, emergencies or long term? What is long term to you: six months, one or two years, 10 or 20 years?

How Much: Are the funds above those needed for daily use and protective cushion? An initial small, medium or large sum ($5,000, $10,000, $50,000)? Or is the plan to start with a couple thousand and add smaller amounts on a scheduled basis. (weekly, monthly or annually)?

Concern for Risk: Ability to accept changes in price and value of your shares and investments.

Mutual funds may invest in US or international securities. These securities may include stocks, bonds, cash equivalents or a combination of the three types. The individual securities a fund holds depends upon the stated desire, interest and overall objective of the fund. Some basic sample ideas on which a fund may concentrate are:

    • Growth or value of the investments
    • Fixed income securities with short or long-term maturities
    • Small-cap, mid-cap, or large-cap sized companies

An individual's risks and anticipated return will fluctuate with respect to the securities or investments in the particular fund’s portfolio.

Reasons for Buying Mutual Funds

Generally funds provide:

    • Diversification
    • Professional management
    • Ease of obtaining the above
    • Affordable minimum investment amounts

A diversified portfolio with a variety of investments has a better opportunity at reducing the impact of adjusting or poor performing investments by counterbalancing them with others which may perform better during particular time periods. Therefore, the overall performance of the investments in a mutual fund’s portfolio has the potential to provide better returns over the long-term.

You Can Purchase a Mutual Fund Through Haddon Savings Bank

Come in and meet with us to:

    • View available fund types
    • Discuss your: needs, wants, time line and risk factors
    • Obtain fund descriptions, goals and prospectus
    • Purchase a fund

Whether you wish to invest on your own or utilize Haddon Savings Bank, come in for information on types of mutual funds and review our website’s "Did You Know” section for periodic information on the market, economy and mutual fund investing articles.

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