Loan Department

Buying a home is probably the single largest investment you'll ever make. Make it the smartest one too, by choosing a lender who knows and understands mortgage lending-Haddon Savings Bank.

Select the loan that is right for you from Haddon Savings Bank's different mortgage products-each with a great rate to maximize your buying power. They include:

And, because Haddon Savings Bank is a community bank, you'll find our service to be exceptional.


With our mortgage lending experience, Haddon Savings Bank has a proven record of commitment to home ownership. Our team of mortgage officers is trained to find you the best mortgage - and in today's complex market, that can translate into real savings.

You can also turn the equity you have built into your home into real buying power. Whether you want to make improvements in your home, pay for college or a dream wedding, Haddon Savings Bank can help with four home equity products to choose from.

Our "Simple Equation" home equity line of credit charges interest based on the Federal Cost of Funds plus 2.25%. This "Simple Equation" translates into an unbelievably low rate.* And you start paying only when you draw on your line of credit and pay only on what you draw.


Haddon’s First Time Fixed Rate Homeowners Mortgage

Can Get You Home Faster, Providing Lower Monthly

Payments While Saving You Thousands $ ! $ ! $


If you have never owned a home before, Haddon Savings Bank’s FIRST TIME HOMEOWNERS MORTGAGE PROGRAM is hard to beat:



           This Saves You Moneyand allows for a  Lower Monthly Payment.


  • Haddon Discounts the Interest Rate 1/8% less than its current Frist Mortgage

            Rate providing for a Lower Monthly Payment and Saves You Money.


  • $500 Closing Bonus give to you by Haddon Savings Bank Saves You Money


  • Amortization Terms up to 30 Years keeping a Lower Monthly Payment


In House Underwriting and the Loan Serviced by Haddon Savings Bank keeps the process Simple and easy dealing directly with the local staff. Call 856-547-3700 today or Check out the First Mortgage Information under products and Services Section.