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Mayor's Wellness Campaign

Wellness is defined as “achieving a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being.” While there are many factors that contribute to wellness, concentrating our efforts on a Township wide initiative can help lead to a healthier, happier, and more successful community. 

The goal of the Mayor's Wellness Campaign (MWC) is to improve the health and wellness of our residents and businesses by providing nutritional advice and recreational opportunities to help our residents get in shape and enjoy all our community has to offer.

Another goal of the campaign is to identify and promote healthy cooking classes, educational seminars, and community activities, including our Parks and Recreation programs, fitness classes, and senior activities.


Haddon Savings Bank Proud Sponsor of Interfaith Caregivers

Haddon Savings with guests from Haddon Heights Rotary are happy to support Interfaith Caregivers. Their basic mission is to set out to meet the needs of isolated senior citizens. They serve over 300 clients through a corps of nearly 300 volunteers with general motto of neighbors helping neighbors through simple kindnesses. As it has grown it becomes more diversified and assumes more responsibility in the way of services.

Its general transportation services have expanded from not only transportation for medical, to doctors but for shopping and even to individual's volunteer jobs. It helps allow seniors to stay independent. It is a wonderful system and process for Haddonfield, Haddon Heights and contiguous towns. Congratulations on your wonderful work and on your up- and-coming 25th Anniversary next year. Keep up the great work and thank you for everyone.


Junior Achievement USA

We at Haddon Savings Bank believe it is important to support our communities. In addition to many activities in which we are involved we provide educational sessions. These range from importance to savings in grade schools, use of credit through high schools and other related financial topics in advanced educational facilities to assisting senior citizens and other community groups from scouting and athletic organizations to local businesses’ staffs.

Well one of the greatest experiences we have had was when we had the great opportunity to make a presentation through Junior Achievement to Ms. Robinson’s fifth grade class at Coopers Poynt School in Camden. These students think about their own thoughts and feelings and those of others. Their teacher Ms. Robinson seems to have given her students some awareness into how their choices of words and /or actions can make a difference. They are being provided an opportunity to learn valuable social and life skills building good character. We applaud you teachers, administrators and Ms. Robinson. It was a great pleasure and honor. Go Class of 2021


Haddon Heights Rotary

The Haddon Heights Rotary meets every Thursday Night at Tavistock Country Club at 6:30 PM.


Boys' GREAT EXPERIENCE - Right In Haddon Heights


The Cub Scout motto is Do Your Best. Well, the Haddon Heights Cub Scout Pack 163 does that and more. The Cub Scout Academics and Sports program complements the scouting program by providing opportunities for scouts to improve scholarship, develop sportsmanship, and explore new games while collecting Cub Scout belt loops and pins. The emphasis of the program is to try new things and to put forth a best effort, not of achieving proficiency or winning.

There are rituals that are part of the boys' efforts to  fulfill certain Scouting value skills, citizenship requirements or gain other merits. People are used to seeing Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts at official meetings and parades posting the colors and leading an audience  in the Pledge of Allegiance, town clean-up programs and doing fund raisers. At times, for the young men, there are difficult periods sitting through some longer meetings or ceremonies with confusing presentations. But in the Haddon Heights Cub Scout Pack, they take their programs and projects seriously and to heart. As Haddon Savings Bank provides availabity to numerous presentations revolving around financial education, I was able to evidence such dedication first hand at one meeting to which I was proudly invited. I was to speak with the boys on their most recent monthly topic, Responsibility.

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